My Approach

One of the unique and beneficial things about my practice is that I do not subscribe to any one specific type of therapy, and I do not limit my services to any one specific treatment modality.  Having been educated and trained strictly as a mental health provider, I have always prided myself in following a philosophy of using-what-works.  And, just as each individual brings his or her unique perspective and needs to the table, each individual will respond in different ways to different interventions, and therapy should not take a cookie-cutter approach.  That being said, I am trained and certified in a number of evidence-based therapy models that have been researched and recognized as gold standards of care.

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance in my practice.  I am excited and honored about the opportunity to assist you with your emotional and mental health needs.  I appreciate the confidence that you are placing in me and will work hard to continue to deserve your trust.